Technical management of communities

Inproyect inspects and verifies the state of construction and building facilities, improving their energy efficiency. We also provide technical advice to communities, with personalized solutions and professional guidance in management and maintenance.

Trust Inproyect to obtain specialized and reliable technical advice that contributes to the development and well-being of your community, guaranteeing a safe and comfortable environment. Improve your building with our experience and knowledge.

We are committed to optimizing operation and ensuring an efficient space for all residents.

We monitor the maintenance program and inspections for the good conservation of all the elements of the building: facades, waterproofing, structures, facilities, electricity, water, gas, fire protection...

We also advise on construction and installation aspects. Including also a technical service of attention, consultancy and permanent advice of the building.

We take care of the control and review of budgets and monitoring of the different repairs. As well as the control of community personnel.

Therefore we offer you:

ITE Technical Inspections of buildings

We carry out ITE Technical Inspections to assess the construction status and facilities of your building. Our expert team verifies your security and meets regulatory requirements. Get a complete and accurate report to make informed decisions about your property.


We offer reports and technical expertise to solve any problem in your building. Our experts assess damage, deficiencies and constructive conflicts. Trust our experience to obtain a rigorous analysis and efficient solutions that protect your investment.

Energy certifications

Get your energy certification with us. We carry out the energy efficiency analysis of your building and issue the corresponding certificate. Find out how to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Technical Management of Neighborhood Communities

We facilitate the technical management of neighboring communities. From the maintenance of facilities to the coordination of works and services, we take care of guaranteeing the correct functioning of your community. Get an efficient and transparent administration that promotes the quality of life of all residents.

¿Necesita asesoramiento técnico para su comunidad?

En Inproyect, ofrecemos soluciones especializadas para la gestión y mantenimiento de espacios comunitarios. Nuestro equipo de expertos está listo para brindarle orientación profesional y personalizada. Mejore la eficiencia y el funcionamiento de su comunidad. ¡Póngase en contacto con nosotros hoy mismo a través de nuestro Contact Form! We'd love to help you optimize your community and ensure a safe and comfortable environment for everyone. We await your message!

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