The Domotics to integrate the various installations in their property and provide them with intelligence, bringing a new world of benefits to our customers.

The home automation system collects data from sensors, processes and issues orders. The system can access external networks or information communication such as tablets, mobile phones, computers …

Home automation allows to address the requirements posed by new social changes and new lifestyles, facilitating the design of houses and homes, more human, more personal and flexible.

The home automation industry has evolved considerably in recent years and today provides more functionality, and its use, is now, more intuitive and perfectly manageable by anyone.

It also facilitates the management of household items to people with disabilities in a way that meets their needs, while providing telecare services to those in need. Help himself to the safety of people, animals and goods intrusion controls and technical alarms that detect fire, gas leaks or water floods, etc..

Ultimately home automation today turns house into a home more comfortable to manage household appliances, air conditioning, ventilation, natural lighting and artificial …