We design, build and manage all kinds of projects.


Our work includes the construction and design of residential, commercial, hotels, buildings, underground car parks, housing estates …

Turnkey build any project, following always the goal to maximize resources and productivity, shortening delivery times works.

Our company policy integrated quality systems, environment and risk prevention.

We believe in innovation, we invest systematically to redefine and improve the processes of implementation of new technologies that help us create working models even more effective and higher quality. Because build on new technologies makes us build better and always looking to the future.

The objective is to increase the value Inproyect customer business and meet economic objectives, business and occupational set in the project, using our expertise and best practice methodologies.


We the management of license: open. Building license. Change of ownership.

We carry out the project. drawings, certificates, site management and processing with the relevant agencies.

Our team has a wide range of multidisciplinary expertise to provide management and consulting services. We offer innovative solutions for all aspects of the development, construction, rehabilitation of buildings


Solar Energy Our department specializes in solar photovoltaic, solar thermal and wind power.

The solar thermal systems use solar power allow for the production of thermal energy by increasing water temperature. The main uses of these systems are: water heating in homes replacing the butane or electric heater, water heating and pool heating in general.

The solar PV systems can transform solar energy directly into electrical energy. Currently, the main systems are used for network connectivity, which allows direct export to the electricity grid without the need for batteries to store it. This energy produced is sold to a power company reporting monthly profits. Furthermore, the installation of autonomous systems allows the production of electricity for personal use, really useful in places where there is no conventional power grid, isolated houses, water pumping, telecommunications, chlorination systems …

We also carry out the processing and installation of Solar Parks, this will allow you to install on a plot photovoltaic solar panels that produce energy to be sold to the grid electricity.